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A specialist company which fabricates a wide range of high quality, metal products, to specific client requirements.The diversity of these products ranges from furniture and bespoke metal work designs to stainless steel and alloy planters, garden furniture and metal artwork. We can help with all your metal fabricator needs wether you are in Suffolk, Norwich or London.

Sheet metal fabricators and metal workers in Suffolfk, norwich and East anglia. Traditional blacksmith crafts and metal fabrcation. One to one metal work training on weekends.

Over the years we have worked with many prestiges clients from restaurant groups to banks and our work has featured in magazines, film and on tv. Bespoke metalwork and designer furniture for the garden and home as well as made to measure metal wall art such as trellis and 3D planters.

As a small company we benefit from a high degree of flexibility and enjoy working closely with clients on an individual basis.

Richard Paine has over twenty years experience which started as a traditional apprentice craftsman on the east coast shipyards.Today he continues to make use of the large pool of expert local artisans.


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Metal Fabrication Norwich

We have a wide experience of using a number of different materials in various forms. Many designs use a mixture of media, such as wood, glass, textiles etc. Whilst our specialism is the metal element, we are used to working closely with other disciplines.

There is a huge range of metals and finishes available, the use of which depends on your requirements. We are happy to discuss the possible options with you as the need arises.

Designs submitted to us can be complete with drawings, rough drafts or purely ideas.Whatever the case we enjoy working with the client to produce the best solution to your needs. We often find that this close collaboration produces truly unique answers.So why not contact us.

Custom Metal Fabrication Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk, London.

Our work takes us to many parts of the country, for specialist custom metal projects and commissions, however the majority of our work is done in three main areas. Custom metal products made in east anglia, so Norfolk and suffolk, with a lot of work done in the Norwich area. Custom metal fabrication in Norwich is popular with many of the gand older and new build properties which need new metal gates and custom made metal railings. We have found several of our norwich based clients have then asked us to do work on their london homes and business premises. Whether you are in Norfolk, Norwich, Suffolk or London we are your first choice for custom metalwork.


Metal Wall Art:

An artistic bespoke custom metalwork company can produce unique garden sculpture or metal fabrication to your needs. Metal wall art has become very popular in contemorary homes and many modern homes now despay our metal wall fish art and metal wall tree art. We have metal wall art for you to buy and we sell bespoke metal items of many types. If you have an idea for some custom metal wall art we can make it for you.

Artistic metal design for the garden and the home. All kinds of artistic metalwork and metal wall art. We have done metal wall art of many kinds including metal wall fish, such as dolphines, metal wall trees and metal wall boats. Make us yor for call for all custom metal fabrication.


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An example of a project I have worked on is a decorative relief screens that are  mounted on walls in a small garden. The screen is custom-built and was inspired by the modern art of Ben Nicholson and comissioned by the celebrated garden designer....Annie Guilfoyle for the BBC programme SMALL TOWN GARDENS.


Stainless Steel
Stainless steel items are becoming very popular. In the early days this was mostly in relation to kitchens such as splash backs and stainless steel work tops similar to commercial ones found in restaurants.
Stainless steel has moved on, with the advances in laser cutting of stainless steel.It is now possible to cut very detailed shapes in stainless steel with laser cutting. These components can then be welded together to create some very beautiful items. Stainless steel is of course very hard wearing and easy to clean.
TOP TIP: coat stainless steel surfaces with a little baby oil to keep a nice finish.
Drilling stainless steel: It is critical to have the correct drill bit for the job and the biggest mistake made is drilling at a too higher speed.

Aluminium containers
Galvanised and aluminium metal containers can be used throughout a garden to give extra space for planting. The reflective metal surfaces create additional light into the garden and also complement the plants inside them.
These look very stunning and can be fabricated in a range of shapes and sizes.

Recently we have been working on a number of garden trellis designs, some of which have featured on television (BBC small town gardens). They have been a mixture of designs where we have welded a variety of different metals together to create the overall affect. Also by bending bar into decorative shapes and welding it to a frame. This is then galvanised to make it weather proof and give an attractive finish.

Metal Water features
Whilst we do not specialise in water features, as a comment on the diversity of projects we work on, we have followed artistic briefs to create truly unique water features.

"Falling Water" the famous building by Frank Lloyd Wright was the inspiration for this totally unique water feature.
(As featured on television)

Bespoke metal fabrication and custom designer metal fabricators

we very much enjoy working on a close basis with our clients to take their drawings and loose ideas and turn them into metal creations. Sometimes we are given detailed drawings to work from and other times it may just be a loose concept of what is needed. Benefit from Richards years of experience to make your dreams a reality. We can tell you what is possible and routes to achieve it. These may involve the methods you thought of or we may come up with some inspirational alternatives.  

Due to popular demand I have created a forum where you can ask your how to make metal questions.


Other Metal Examples:

Restaurant chair : robust and functional in mild brushed steel
  Fire basket : use of traditional forge work, kettle black
Sink unit : patina on rolled copper with stainless steel towel rail
Office table : polished stainless steel with wood and glass
Ornate table:casting work with paint affect
Bar stool:Bead blasted mild steel with lacquer protection coat

Once you have submitted a brief, we will contact you to discuss your needs further, with a view to producing an estimate.

We understand that fitting can be a specialist and time consuming operation. A fitting service is offered on a person day rate.

Delivery and Packaging
Delivery is charged at cost, this depends on size, weight and destination.

1. A 30% deposit on all non pre-manufactured products.
2. Full payment for products on delivery.
3. Full payment for fitting on completion.

Metal fabrication Areas Covered
Whilst we are based in Oulton broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk in East Anglia (UK) our work takes us to many parts of Britain.
Many of our jobs have been in London and we often find that lots of cutting edge design comes from Central London.
We also work on a daily basis around Suffolk, Norfolk (Norwich) and sometimes Essex. It mostly depends on the scale of the job and what's involved.
It is often possible to have items made in component form and sent by courier to the destination.

Richard Paine





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If you are looking for bespoke designer metal fabrication or custom made stainless steel fabricators then look no further
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